Sunday, 25 December 2016

what i got for christmas 2016

Hi guys, merry Christmas. I hope you all had a great day. I thought while I had a minute spare id show you my haul from Christmas. Before we get into it just a quick disclaimer I know this is a lot but please be aware I'm not bragging, I don't have kids so its just me and my other half. I also have a large family so Christmas is always a huge deal for us since we don't celebrate birthdays or other holidays. so now that's out of the way lets get into it. I will split it into sections to make it easier. I also haven't added links because they are gifts and I think it's a bit rude to look everything up.

Blogging items-

Gifts from my family..

So first up from my mum and stepdad I received a gratis lightbox it's plastic and compact so I can sit it on top of my helmer drawers. It has built in led lights and a hole in the top so I can put my hand in. Also from my mum and stepdad I got a canon 60mm macro lens. I swear I screamed like a kid when I opened this. I've been talking about buying one for ages so this is a huge surprise. I also got a new tripod and remote for my camera. The fact that they listened to me and bought me these means a lot to me.

House items..

Pineapples ;)

From my friend i got the most adorable rose gold pineapple candle and pineapple trinket. Seriously the woman knows me too well these are right up my street. From my bf I got this cute little owl ornament and a canvas print with polish on it. I love little trinkets like these and owls are my favourite. 

Beauty items-

So I must say that I got a fair bit when it comes to beauty items but in my defence they all know how much I enjoy shower items and perfumes. So from my mum i got a soap and glory gift set, this is one item I receive every year and love it so much. Also from my mum and stepdad I got a simple skin set and a no7 sensitive skin set. The perfumes I received are burberry weekend this is my favourite perfume of all time my mum gets me one every year. Beyonce pulse ny from my cousin and her daughter, Jimmy choo from my sister, dkny perfume from my nieces and nephew and finally Michael kors perfume from my aunt. Lastly also from my bf I got the scholl diamond foot pedi, more soap and glory sets and bath sets from my cousin and aunt.

Dvds & sweets...

Inside my stocking I got 3 dvds, the bfg, kick boxer 2 and now you see me 2. Plus lots of sweets because my family still think I'm 5 ;)
Not that I mind christmas isn't christmas without some chocolate and cheesy dvds.

Pamper hamper..

So my aunt really spoiled me. As well as everything already mentioned she also did me this pamper hamper filled with face, bath and shower products. It's got shampoo, deodorant, soap, candles and other goodies. It also had the Michael kors perfume in it. I was so over the moon when I opened this. 

Nail items...

Now onto the magic stuff ;) I don't know if you're aware but my name is khylie and I'm a nail polish addict... My amazing bf made me up a box of nail goodies. He filled it with various polishes by virago Varnish, cirque, no7, polish my life, gel polish, stamping bits and some lime crime lip gloss. My mum also got me a new led nail lamp and protective gloves.


Pics by polishedblissfully

Finally we have the last bits. My bf got me 2 large Yankee candles in fireside treats and vanilla which comes in a gorgeous box with a wick trimmer and one to distinguish the flame. My amazing mum also got me a wax burner and some wax melts.

So I was totally spoiled. My family really thought of me this year and I'm over the moon with everything. I hope you enjoyed my Christmas haul. I wish you all a very merry christmas and happy blessed new year. See you in 2017 x

Love khylie xx

Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas mani extravaganza

Who's ready for christmas ???

Hi guys welcome back to my blog. Today I'm sharing with a few christmas designs I've done this month. I decided instead of doing individual posts on each design, I'd do a longer post combining them all. So let's get into them.

1- snowflakes stamping version.

So first up we have a subtle snowflake design. For this mani I used a base of kbshimmer what are you wading for. This is a gorgeous periwinkle holo opaque in 2 gorgeous coats. I stamped the snowflakes using born pretty store plate BP-L006.

2- freehand snowman and snowflakes. 

For this mani I used a base of ella&mila beach resort blue. It's a gorgeous light blue creme. Opacity is again 2 coats. I then used acrylic paint for all the details and paired it with a glitter accent nail using ilnp shoreline. 

3- Disney inspired xmas nails. 

For this one i took my inspiration from bambi on ice. I did a blue base using the drag marble technique. All polishes used in this design are byou picture polish. For the base I used forget me not, bluebird and freyas cats and heavy metal for the glitter accent nail. 

4- ugly Christmas sweater nails.

For this mani I used my all time favourite stamping plate which is uberchicbeauty christmas 01. I made decals for all fingers except the middle which I did a dry brush and made a decals of a reindeer. I then added a border of gunmetal grey glitter pieces for added bling. 

5- santa suit nails. 

Again for this mani I used the uberchicbeauty christmas 01 plate. Which is seriously full of pretty awesome designs. So I've used it often 😁.  For this I painted black bands across the nail and added gold square studs. The base is enchanted polish November 2015.

6- candy cane nails. 

For this one I used red , white and gold. I made a drag marble decal for the middle finger and added candy can stripes. For the added bling I used a candy cane charm from Charlie's nail art.

So I really hope you found some festive inspiration for your nails. I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas. I'll see you in the next one. 

Love khylie xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to repair a broken nail that lasts...

Sad right ? 

Hi guys welcome back. Today I'm sharing with you how I repair a broken nail (that I've destroyed in a bid to appease my sweet tooth, damn asda racks). I like many of you look to fellow nail nerds for information I'm unsure of , but what always strikes me is that 90% of the tutorials discuss ways to fix them with professional only products. Even worse is the other 10% use the teabag method ??? Well I'm British and no teabags shall be harmed in my company , it's like blasphemy :0

HOLY SHEET . . look away I'm nkd..

Abracadabra..... see like magic it's healed by the miracle of... well OK it's a long ass process but it's definitely worth the added time spent in surgery because it looks awesome and NO poor teabags were hurt in the process ;) I'll also show you a routine I've been using to help keep my nails and hands in good shape this winter.

So let's see how it happened.

Now let's talk products .

My nail care routine is fairly simple and has stayed the same for a long time. Granted the products change bit the method is the same.

For removing the cuticles I use Cnd cuticle Away. For the price you really get a lot of product, even better it's amazing. As for the tools well let's just say they are epic. The set has an array of pushers, knives and everything you'll need to have lovely cuticles. The set available here is currently on sale. it's a more experienced kit but for the price it's designed great and the tools are sturdy. it comes packed in a sleek case also which is great for storage purposes.

For nail repair it gets a bit more complicated. I'm not bashing other peoples methods I'm simply stating for me I'd rather go a bit extra for a better outcome than settle for something because it's popular.
The resin is just as cheap as nail glue but with a bit more welly. I buy my resin and silk wraps from the edge nails. I've found with this brand it's extremely good but also fairly priced. plus it's ready available to everyone but is professional in its performance if that makes sense? You can buy a full trial size here this has everything you need to repair a nail but if you want to go the extra step keep reading. The gel base and topcoat I use for added durability is a professional only product but gel base and topcoat plus the primer are readily available everywhere. Once you have a brand in mind you won't regret your decision to go that little bit extra. I just find it helps give your nail that little bit more protection and puts a barrier between the break and daily life. I've found it lasts for around 2 weeks before nail growth means a change up. 2 weeks is a long time in nail growth so only 2 changes before it grows out.

I really hope this helps a bit. It's so much easier than it looks but means you can enjoy your nail art and not need to trim everything down.

Thanksfor reading .
Love khylie xx

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Aztec stamping with a pop of pink

Aztec stamping 

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog . Today I'm sharing with you a rather out of season mani. With so many Christmas nails around already i opted to rebel and go in the opposite direction and go pink. You can't blame me I'm afraid how fast December is creeping on us . Let's get into how I did this.

Picture polish bardot , hjmanicure subzero 

So I started by picking a soft pink and none is prettier than picture polish bardot. With its subtle baby pink jelly base in all its squishy goodness to the beautiful scatter holo. it's a perfect polish in 2 coats. So with this beauty i decided grey was the way to go. Note to self.. baby pink and dark grey is hella HOT. This little cutie is none other than hjmanicure subzero. Seriously the best grey I have ever found, confession time 🙈 I have 3 backups ;) this is also magic in 1 coat although I'm a sucker for 2 every time . Now onto the stamping . ..
Well I obviously used my ever trusted clear jelly stamper from rainbow connection. I love that little bugger, white stamping polish by mundo de unas, the star of the show being the born pretty store plate.
BP-L010 is a gorgeous plate chock full of native American type images. Pick up is flawless , never had issues . Then to top it all off I used a generous amount of seche vite .
Image from bps BP-L010

Not bad for 15 minutes right ?
Hope you enjoy today's post.
Thanks for reading
Love khylie xx

Opi natural basecoat.
Picture polish bardot .
Hjmanicure subzero.
Bps stamping plate

Monday, 14 November 2016

New nail space, nail polish collection and storage 2016

overview of my diy desk.
Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Today's post is a super exciting one. As you may be aware from my Previous  nail polish collection and storage tour, things around here have really changed. I've been talking about redoing my nail space for so long it's actually quite weird it being completely finished.

So enough of my rambling onto the good stuff. It's a long one but I hope you find something to inspire you.

So basically nothing is the same, I've really tried to make the corner salon like as possible. Even though it's only me I still wanted a professional look. Who says I can't pamper at home ;) Now I'll try to get as in depth as I can.
Lets start at the desk. So first up i bought annie sloan chalk paint in paris grey and pure. Once it was all sanded we just painted, other than removing the hardware, sanding and finally cleaning the desk all this paint required was a good couple of coats and once dry using clear wax to seal everything in. Next is bought a new chair in white with a cute Chevron pillow to style it, both of these were bought on amazon. A clear pieceof glass to protect the paint from my messiness, i ordered this online it took like 3 weeks to arrive though. Next i bought new decor to make everything homely. Everything nail polish rack wise is the same. Except the helmers. So glad I bought them. So much room and they look great. If your interested in the lights you can find the daylight company one here. Best lights in have ever had. I'm so happy with the results. It may change but for now I'm content.

Hope you enjoyed a nosey around my space. Thanks for stopping by x

Love khylie xx

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Twinkled T Glamour Mat review and demo.

Glamour Mat by Twinkled T

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. I have a super exciting post to share with you today. As you are probably already aware we are going to be taking an in depth look at the  TwinkledT Glamour Mat.

The mat comes with a lot of new features. let's first start with the basics, it's made of silicone and is 12x16 inches. on the mat is 6 pastel boxes and 6 black and white boxes. 10 black and 10 white painted fingers.

These boxes are the same size as the twinkled T vinyls and are perfect for making decals using any brand of vinyls you have in your collection. I really think the added pop of colour on the other side are a great added detail. 

The mat has these indented holes which make painting easier. instead of having separate palettes for the Polish or paints you now have a handy area where you can keep them. The best bit is it doesn't get in the way while you work. No more dipping your elbow in the paint tray ;)

OK I'm not going to lie my favourite part of this mat is without a doubt this little diamond. Yes I know your probably thinking khylie it's only a cup, but the amount of times I have spilled my dappen dish of acetone or my water during watermarble nails, it hurts me to think of my pretty rose gold placemat that I ruined. Acetone is dangerous given the chance to spill. So when I saw this cup I was overjoyed. it's the perfect size for watermarble, it can also be used for cleaning paint brushes and of course holding acetone. The Glamour Mat is anti slip  it's made thicker to stop it sliding while you are doing something. it's also stain proof. Twinkled T states the mat will hold up to even the most pigmented polishes. While I can't agree because I haven't used mines yet I'll definitely be having fun trying.  You can really tell great thought and effort went into this mat. It has so many capabilities and the possibilities are endless. All in all I'm over the moon with the details of this mat and would highly recommend it.

So that's it for this post, I really hope you enjoyed. see you in the next one.
Love khylie xxTwinkledT

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Halloween pumpkin faces nailart x

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Today's post is all about this super easy nail design. I don't know about you but Halloween is something I never really celebrated. When I see how exciting Halloween is in America, i get real envious. Doesn't it look such fun? So I really enjoy this time of year for this very reason. You get to put anything on and it's OK? Well I say hell yes to pj's, a cup of tea and pumpkin nails... sound good? Well let's get into it. 

I love the simplicity of these. They really look like you tried hard when really you didn't. Here's the tutorial for these nails.

As you can see the results are pretty awesome. I really love them. Halloween nails are by far the most fun. I really hope you like.

Thanks for reading. See you next time. 

Love khylie xx

Friday, 24 June 2016

Nail polish collection and new rack tour..

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Today's post is very exciting for me. By the title you'll already know it's all about my nail polish collection and storage. I'm going to be totally honest and say when it comes to storage, organisation I'm shocking but I'm trying so that's good right? Ok let me show you my dirty little secret, no judging though..

I'll start by showing you where my collection used to live before it exploded.

So around a year and a half ago I bought my first nail polish haul. Some old faithful barrym polishes, oooh did they kick-start an expensive habit. Now rolling on in time this stand houses my favourite opi and china glaze polishes. This rack kind of moves with the seasons colour picks. Next we move onto the dreaded drawers.

This monstrous eyesore was my next solution when my little rack got full. One day I was in asda and saw these little drawers and thought bingo these would be perfec. They were fine until my collection grew some more and the drawers got heavy. They even fell on me once. So my babies were in danger so onto the next solution to my hoarding.

So next i bought an alex 6 drawer on wheels from ikea. Finally my problem was solved right? Nope the bloody drawers kept collapsing under the weight and I couldn't stand my bottles up. So this now houses my makeup in the first 4 drawers and the bottom 2 are where I keep my nail art bits and my paints.

In the first one I keep all my nail art bits like rhinestones, glitter, foils, tape, sponges, decals and so on.

This one is my paint drawer/ junk drawer. I keep all my camera chargers, polish boxes, stamping plate boxes. Anyone else keep all the boxes?
So next after much complaining I had no room my bf bought me some shelves and put them up for me...

This gave me much more drawers space because I was able to store my stamping plates and stampers in order finally.

I bought this mirrored letter holder and some stamping plate holders and they sit perfectly nestled in the corner of my shelves.

This little trinket box holds my stampers and scrapers. On top is an easter bunny basket that has my tape and striping tape in it.

This tray holds all my basecoats, topcoats, white, black and sheer polishes.

This one holds my nail care products and cuticle products.

So I had more drawers space but my expensive polishes were still in the plastic drawers. My fear was that something would break. This is where a facebook group came into play. One day I was browsing through the uk fb group nail and beauty sales and iso buddies when I noticed a diy nail polish stand made by kerry the group admin (links below). It looked amazing just like those hella expensive racks I'd been eyeing on etsy for ages. So I got in touch and once we discussed prices and design, i basically said to kerry I wanted something grey and I left it up to her (I love a good surprise) so everything is her own design. 

I asked for 2 to be made and waited with much excitement for them to arrive. I was so pleased with how they were done. She did a grey glitter backing with grey shelves and a white border. The shelves themselves fit 17 cbl bottles on 1 row. Finally all my most loved indies were safe from breaking. Best of all the time are now pride of place where they should be. I whole heartedly recommend these stunning shelves made by kerry.

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed your tour around my space.
Love khylie xx 

Kerry Bennett-

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Watercolor floral stamping nail art tutorial

Watercolor floral stamping by polishedblissfully 

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Today's post is a nail tutorial on how I did my recent floral mani. 

I was so pleased with how this turned out. As you may be aware, sometimes when you plan something it never actually comes out how you planned. Never the less it was a happy accident. Lets get into the tutorial.
First up I'll show you what you will need.

supplies by polishedblissfully 

For this look the polishes i used are essie watercolors in point of blue and white page, El-corazon aquarelle tint in yellow, kbshimmer diamond for my ring finger and  china glaze white on whitm. Uberchic beauty plate 9-02, mundo de unas black stamping polish, scraper, see through stamper, washi tape, acetone, clean up brush, nail glue and bow. Now here's the tutorial.

Don't you just love nail art designs that look harder than they actually are? Hope you liked today's post. If you try this be sure to tag me so I can can see your recreation.
Thanks for reading guys. See you in the next one.
Love khylie xx 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Sunset fisherman nail art.

Hi guys, welcome to my blog. Today's post is a nail tutorial on how I did my recent mani. I'm taking part in the #clairestelle8may challenge on instagram and today's prompt was sunset. Lets get into how I did it.
First let me show you the products i used..


You will need basecoat, topcoat, white polish, black stamping polish, bundle monster and beaching nails collab plate BM-XL204, bundle monster giant mochi stamper, brush, tweezers, acetone and scraper.

For the gradient select your favourite polishes, i used nails inc Kensington passage, Mercer Street, Regent's place, lexington gardens and opi where do suzis mango. Sponge and liquid latex for easy cleanup. You can of course use colors of your choice. Lets get into it.

Step 1...

First apply your basecoat allow to dry then apply 1 coat of your white polish. I like to add 1 thin coats of seche vite so I don't lift while sponging the gradient. Next apply liquid latex for easy cleanup. If you have latex allergies then use tape instead.

Step 2...

Apply the polishes to the sponge making sure you overlap so to blend them.

Sponge onto the nails making sure to let each layer dry before applying the next so you don't lift the polish. Apply a coat of fast drying topcoat to smooth it out.

Step 3...

Next using the mochi and black stamping polish stamp the image with the fisherman on it. I chose to colour his face, jacket and the boat so the gradient doesn't peek through. Apply topcoat to the image and let dry for about 10 minutes.

Step 4...

Now using tweezers peel off the decal making sure to be gentle. Line up the image on each nail. Clean up with acetone and a brush. Apply topcoat to seal everything in. Now you're done. Super simple right? Bet all your friends will think your a Picasso in the making... I won't tell if you don't..

Seriously so easy and looks amazing. If you do try this look be sure to let me know on social media.

Thanks for reading and good luck in your stamping journey..

Love khylie xx