Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines day nail art pictorial...

Hi guys, welcome to my blog.

 Wishing you a happy Valentine's day. Also happy weekend. I slept in this morning, 10 am oh how wonderful it was. Then the mother of all party poopers I had to paint the rest of the day. On the upside though my nail space is finally getting pimped, I'm mega excited. If you want to see a tour let me know. Anyway enough of my rambling onto the nails. Lets start with what you will need.

Stamping plates are born pretty store ( available here ) QA67, QA65, BP-71 and QA91. Nail polishes f.u.n lacquer eternal love ( available here ) , barrym coconut ( available here), opi Christmas gone plaid and cinnamon sweet ( available here ), mundo de unas pink and dark grey ( available here). El-corazon black and red stamping polish ( available here ).

Basecoat, topcoat for decals, quick dry topcoat and matte topcoat, stamper, scraper, scissors, sticky tape, clean up brush and tweezers.

Start by applying basecoat to protect your natural nail. Then paint pointer, ring and pinky fingers in barrym coconut and ring finger and thumb with fun eternal love. Apply quick dry topcoat and allow to dry. Begin working on your decals.

From QA67 make 2 writing decals and the lips, from QA67 make 2 single rose decals, from BP-71 make the couple and 2 love heart decals and finally from QA91 make the love decal. Apply topcoat allow to dry.

Gently peel off the decals from the stamper, trim any excess and apply like the picture above. Smooth out gently and apply fast drying topcoat, allow to dry. Apply matte topcoat to all nails except the middle finger.  Now enjoy your awesome mani.

Thanks for reading guys, see you in the next one.

Keep sparkling,
Love khylie xx 

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