Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Vintage floral nail art pictorial...

Hi guys, welcome to my blog.

For my very first blog post  i thought i''d share this cute vintage mani. I don't know about you but flowers just make me happy. I find it relaxing to always have a fresh bunch on show and my nails are the perfect place to showcase this.

when i started this mani, i didnt set out with the plan to go vintage but sometimes things we dont plan are just what we need (right?). Anyway lets get down to what we are all here for the nails....
For this look i used a base of light grey by el-corazon shop available here, which if you arent aware is a russian shop online with amazing cosmetics ranging from beauty to all things nails and the prices are awesome. i love a good bargain so this shop is right up my street. For the pointer and pinky fingers i used an indie polish by wingdust (available here, or their etsy shop) called summer storm, this polish is a light grey creme opaque in 2-3 coats with purple and pink glitter in different shapes and sizes. For the roses i used a mixture of rimmel polishes that i purchased from here and only 99p? Yes please... Rimmel polishes are a firm favorite of mine, yet i always forget this because so many polish brands whether indie or mainstream are bringing out unique polishes that i forget i actually love these little bottles of goodness.

my rhinestones are just cheap ones from ebay and the only tools needed for this look is a toothpick. Super simple and perfect for that valentines date you have planned 😉

Thats all for today guys
keep sparkling..
love khylie xx