Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March buys and birthday hauling...

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog..

Today's post is all about my over zealous addiction, i even have the pics to prove it ;)

So it was my birthday last week and I have been saving money to buy a few bits and buy a few bits I sure did. I picked up a few new releases and some items I wanted to try, so I'll get into it and show you my haul but please be aware I don't buy this much in a normal month. First up the birthday goodies...

Birthday haul from rainbow connection uk @polishedblissfully

So I started off with rainbow connection UK and picked an array of stunning additions to my collection. I'm most excited about picture polish i got 3 of their new releases bluebird, posey and merge. Also Cupcake polish believe, omg guys this polish is simply beautiful, so much holo it made me dizzy from delight. I also got a few stamping plates by moyra, pet'l and fab ur nails, and a clear jelly stamper.

tkmaxx goodies by @polishedblissfully 

My next stop was tkMaxx, ok no lie i think I've been in a tkmaxx store maybe 4 times although I do shop online now and again. well as you can see the results are pretty damaging considering I was only in for around 15mins. I could have got more but I didn't take a basket :/ next time though..

Fb group buys+swaps by polishedblissfully 

Next is part 1 of the polishes i purchased on a facebook group. A lot of firsts for me. I'm really excited to finally have cbl chasing unicorns. 

picture polish haul by polishedblissfully
Last of the polish haul. I purchased these from sally magpie on fb. She no longer has her online store and was selling off stock. I scored these babies for £6.50 each.

ebay and bundle monster haul by polishedblissfully 

Last but not least the plates, i ordered 5 born pretty store plates from a Seller on eBay. They were £1.40- £1.60 each and free delivery. Bundle Monster  on the other hand cost me more. I ordered 4 of the blogger plates and the festival collection. I also got the new mochi stamper but forgot to picture it. Everything went fine until I hit custom charges of £14. So I'd highly recommend buying from rainbow connection uk.

Finally I have shown you my hoarding issues. Hope you enjoyed. Let me know what your March buys are... goodbye for now.

Love khylie xx 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

How to prime your stampers...

Hi guys welcome to my blog..

For today's post I'm going to show you how I prime my favourite stampers. I have tried many stampers and have a few that I love but somehow I always go back to my 99p stampers from China. I do know that if you use them before priming they can be a horror for picking up images. With these few steps you can really get the best from these awesome stampers. Lets get into it.

99p stamper with shiny surface.

I bought mines on eBay UK.  Type in xl squishy stamper and you will find lots. Don't jump on the first one you see because you can pay far more, Keep looking until you find the 99p ones. Once you have them i promise it will be worth it. When new they come with a scraper bin it because it's useless. Your stamper will have a shiny surface, it's that shiny bit you want to remove. For this you will need a nail file, rubbing alcohol and lint free wipes. 

Removing shiny surface of stamper.

Gently remove the shiny film, you want to do this carefully because if you chip the rubber it won't pick up your images without missing bits. As you file you will see the layer of the surface coming away. Once you have the stamper head looking dull, wipe the debris away with your rubbing alcohol and lint free wipes. Now test it.

First attempt, patchy image.

As you can see the image isn't clear it's patchy so you will want to prime it some more. Always take your time and test after each prime. 

after second prime..

As you progress on you will start to see the parts of the stamper that still needs work, that's why you should test it because it can only be a small part and you don't want to make it uneven.

after third prime, by polishedblissfully 

It took me 3 times to get the coating off but as you can see the image is perfect. For 99p you really get more for your money. I hope this helps you save money on your stampers. Good luck guys..x

Thanks for reading,

Love khylie xx 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Uberchic beauty (new releases)

Hi guys, welcome to my blog.

I'm so excited to share with you my recent purchase.
Uberchic beauty released their new collection 8 plates, a far east plate and a spring/easter plate. I picked up collection 8 and the far east plate. I love uberchic beauty simply because as the name suggests their nail plates really are uberchic (see what I did there? ;) always flawless pickup and perfectly etched plates. First let me show you the plates in the glorious collection 8...

Uberchic beauty collection 8 by polishedblissfully
As always the collection consists of 3 plates with an array of stunning images ranging from flowers, vines, geometric designs to gorgeous circular patterns that frankly are freaking awesome. Doughnuts anyone? Sure they have that also. Let me show you some swatches of these plates because they deserve to be seen.

plate 8-01 by uberchic beauty

Gorgeous right? There is so many designs with beautiful details.

Uberchic beauty far east 02 

Now onto the far east plate. This is the one that I was most excited about. It's so pretty, the images are so crisp and clear. You really have everything from cute kawaii faces to landscapes. It really is a beautiful journey through the far east. The patterns are big enough for long nails but short nails won't be left out. There is something for everyone. The designs on these plates are 17 x 21mm which is among the largest sizes in the plate world. The plates themselves are 9.5 cm by 14.5cm. You can purchase these plates at shesellsseashells uk. Cost is very good  £11 for the far east plate and  £18 for collection 8. Well that's all for today's post. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

Love khylie xx 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Nail stamping essentials..

Hi guys, welcome to my blog..

This dreary weather has gotten real old, you know that kind of wet sludge that you just sink in? It's everywhere :( so I'm wishing it was summer but alas it isn't. So this weekend I stayed home and did some writing and planning boring right? Also I was sorting through my stamping bits and thought bingo I'm going to write about my favourite stamping supplies from plates to stampers and everything in between. So let's get into it. I imagine it will be a long one.

So as your probably aware stamping isn't just about having every plate possible, it requires practice. With practice it can become a fun way of creating amazing nail art. When I first started stamping I bought a konad set and was hooked. Since then I have tried a few different brands and have found many I love. I'm going to share with you my favourite items I reach for most when I'm stamping. As you progress then branch out because there are some amazing plate makers out there. Lets get into what I use.


Any nail stamping lover will tell you a good stamper is literally the make or break of stamping. I've tried a few, sold a few, lost a few, love a few and hate a lot. 

These are my most used. The black and red xl squishy is amazing it's firmer than my other ones which I love for more intricate designs. I bought it on eBay from China for 99p. It's honestly a little legend. Once primed it's perfect pick up every time. Then my trusted moyou London stampers, i favor both the marshmallow non sticky and the rectangular sticky. Both pick up flawless. Then the creative shop stamper, another favourite because of its amazing pick up. I'm a bit unfaithful when it comes to stampers because I love them for different reasons, so I tend to go back and forth between these 4.

Stamping polishes-

I don't keep stamping polishes for long because I find they get gloopy, so I destash often. These are the ones I have at the moment. Various brands such as el-corazon ,  mundo de unas, models own chrome polishes and moyou  London . I just bought the moyou polishes because I'm almost out of el-corazon black. The el-corazon stamping polishes are my favourite. Super opaque and easy to pick up. Mundo de unas is also a firm favorite of mine. I don't have many but the quality is excellent. The models own chrome collection is amazing for stamping. Really good quality for the price. A definite must for me.

Stamping plates-

Here are all the plates i own. Lots of brands. I'm more a fan of the large plates. So far I have plates by moyou London, uberchic  beauty, bundle  monster, born pretty  store, drk, apipila, moyra and pet'l a (last 4 available here) . I really love them all. Apipila is an amazing brand perfectly etched plate. Another favourite is drk plates. Moyou London is my go to for most plates because they are fabulous. Perfect place for beginners to find everything they need.

Everything else..

First let's discuss scrapers. I have a few but the ones I use are old plastic cards or ones I pinch from the supermarket ;) those gift cards make perfect scrapers. A lint roller is perfect for removing polish from the stamper, i only use this for cleanup. Tape for cleanup around my fingers after stamping. My cleanup brush is a cheap one from eBay and it works a treat. For decal making i use opi topcoat, my uberchicbeauty ubermat and scissors for trimming the decals.

Hope you enjoyed today's post and keep practicing. I'm still learning but stamping is one of my favourite nail art techniques. With so many brands bringing out amazing products it's an exciting time to give it a try.

See you in the next one lovelies xx
Keep sparkling
Love khylie xx 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Nail care routine...

Hi guys, I hope you're well? I've been slowly getting sick, i have swollen glands which usually means the cold has caught up with me :( so I went to bed early and I thought I'd chill while writing a few posts. Today I'm going back to basics with my nail care routine. I do this every Sunday after my shower. I don't know about you but when I'm doing my nail routine I don't rush I pamper. So I do a face mask, curl my hair and for the next few hours I go to my chick corner and do my nails. From taking off the old one to application of the new one.  Lets get into it.

So first let's discuss the products. You will need nail polish remover, cotton pads, cuticle remover, cuticle pusher, cuticle nippers, scissors, cuticle oil, cuticle balm and hand cream.

Before I get into it please know that I am not a professional, this is just how I do my nails. You do what suits you.

So I start by removing the old polish with the cotton pads and polish remover. Strangely I then apply some cuticle oil around my cuticles and chill for 10 minutes, I find that it helps stop my skin getting irritated by the cuticle remover, don't remove. I then apply the cuticle remover around the base of my nail, leave for a minute then push back cuticles gently. Use the other side of the pusher to remove any excess skin. If I have any loose skin or hang nails i use the nippers to remove them. I also trim the skin around my cuticle, I know it's not exactly right to do so but I find if I don't trim it the skin flap is very noticeable. If you do choose to trim be very careful not to trim the sensitive skin just the loose bit. I then file my nails going in one direction making sure to follow the shape of my nail base. Now I go wash my hands throughly with hand cleanser, making sure all debris is gone. Sometimes I use a scrub just for extra soft hands. I then apply handcream, cuticle oil and cuticle balm. Again I relax for a bit and allow the oils to soak in. Now I will use alcohol to remove any excess oil on the nail being sure to leave the oil around the skin (waste nothing ;) ) apply basecoat. Once dry reapply some handcream and cuticle balm. Now you're all ready for an awesome new mani.
Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be up and running making videos with my new memory card and lighting. So I'll post a video here soon.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

Keep sparkling 
Love khylie xx