Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Nail care routine...

Hi guys, I hope you're well? I've been slowly getting sick, i have swollen glands which usually means the cold has caught up with me :( so I went to bed early and I thought I'd chill while writing a few posts. Today I'm going back to basics with my nail care routine. I do this every Sunday after my shower. I don't know about you but when I'm doing my nail routine I don't rush I pamper. So I do a face mask, curl my hair and for the next few hours I go to my chick corner and do my nails. From taking off the old one to application of the new one.  Lets get into it.

So first let's discuss the products. You will need nail polish remover, cotton pads, cuticle remover, cuticle pusher, cuticle nippers, scissors, cuticle oil, cuticle balm and hand cream.

Before I get into it please know that I am not a professional, this is just how I do my nails. You do what suits you.

So I start by removing the old polish with the cotton pads and polish remover. Strangely I then apply some cuticle oil around my cuticles and chill for 10 minutes, I find that it helps stop my skin getting irritated by the cuticle remover, don't remove. I then apply the cuticle remover around the base of my nail, leave for a minute then push back cuticles gently. Use the other side of the pusher to remove any excess skin. If I have any loose skin or hang nails i use the nippers to remove them. I also trim the skin around my cuticle, I know it's not exactly right to do so but I find if I don't trim it the skin flap is very noticeable. If you do choose to trim be very careful not to trim the sensitive skin just the loose bit. I then file my nails going in one direction making sure to follow the shape of my nail base. Now I go wash my hands throughly with hand cleanser, making sure all debris is gone. Sometimes I use a scrub just for extra soft hands. I then apply handcream, cuticle oil and cuticle balm. Again I relax for a bit and allow the oils to soak in. Now I will use alcohol to remove any excess oil on the nail being sure to leave the oil around the skin (waste nothing ;) ) apply basecoat. Once dry reapply some handcream and cuticle balm. Now you're all ready for an awesome new mani.
Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be up and running making videos with my new memory card and lighting. So I'll post a video here soon.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

Keep sparkling 
Love khylie xx 

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