Wednesday, 23 March 2016

How to prime your stampers...

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For today's post I'm going to show you how I prime my favourite stampers. I have tried many stampers and have a few that I love but somehow I always go back to my 99p stampers from China. I do know that if you use them before priming they can be a horror for picking up images. With these few steps you can really get the best from these awesome stampers. Lets get into it.

99p stamper with shiny surface.

I bought mines on eBay UK.  Type in xl squishy stamper and you will find lots. Don't jump on the first one you see because you can pay far more, Keep looking until you find the 99p ones. Once you have them i promise it will be worth it. When new they come with a scraper bin it because it's useless. Your stamper will have a shiny surface, it's that shiny bit you want to remove. For this you will need a nail file, rubbing alcohol and lint free wipes. 

Removing shiny surface of stamper.

Gently remove the shiny film, you want to do this carefully because if you chip the rubber it won't pick up your images without missing bits. As you file you will see the layer of the surface coming away. Once you have the stamper head looking dull, wipe the debris away with your rubbing alcohol and lint free wipes. Now test it.

First attempt, patchy image.

As you can see the image isn't clear it's patchy so you will want to prime it some more. Always take your time and test after each prime. 

after second prime..

As you progress on you will start to see the parts of the stamper that still needs work, that's why you should test it because it can only be a small part and you don't want to make it uneven.

after third prime, by polishedblissfully 

It took me 3 times to get the coating off but as you can see the image is perfect. For 99p you really get more for your money. I hope this helps you save money on your stampers. Good luck guys..x

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