Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March buys and birthday hauling...

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog..

Today's post is all about my over zealous addiction, i even have the pics to prove it ;)

So it was my birthday last week and I have been saving money to buy a few bits and buy a few bits I sure did. I picked up a few new releases and some items I wanted to try, so I'll get into it and show you my haul but please be aware I don't buy this much in a normal month. First up the birthday goodies...

Birthday haul from rainbow connection uk @polishedblissfully

So I started off with rainbow connection UK and picked an array of stunning additions to my collection. I'm most excited about picture polish i got 3 of their new releases bluebird, posey and merge. Also Cupcake polish believe, omg guys this polish is simply beautiful, so much holo it made me dizzy from delight. I also got a few stamping plates by moyra, pet'l and fab ur nails, and a clear jelly stamper.

tkmaxx goodies by @polishedblissfully 

My next stop was tkMaxx, ok no lie i think I've been in a tkmaxx store maybe 4 times although I do shop online now and again. well as you can see the results are pretty damaging considering I was only in for around 15mins. I could have got more but I didn't take a basket :/ next time though..

Fb group buys+swaps by polishedblissfully 

Next is part 1 of the polishes i purchased on a facebook group. A lot of firsts for me. I'm really excited to finally have cbl chasing unicorns. 

picture polish haul by polishedblissfully
Last of the polish haul. I purchased these from sally magpie on fb. She no longer has her online store and was selling off stock. I scored these babies for £6.50 each.

ebay and bundle monster haul by polishedblissfully 

Last but not least the plates, i ordered 5 born pretty store plates from a Seller on eBay. They were £1.40- £1.60 each and free delivery. Bundle Monster  on the other hand cost me more. I ordered 4 of the blogger plates and the festival collection. I also got the new mochi stamper but forgot to picture it. Everything went fine until I hit custom charges of £14. So I'd highly recommend buying from rainbow connection uk.

Finally I have shown you my hoarding issues. Hope you enjoyed. Let me know what your March buys are... goodbye for now.

Love khylie xx 

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