Thursday, 21 April 2016

Favourite 6 manis of the month.. (april)

April nail art designs..

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Today's post is a little different in the sense I haven't done one before;) I thought I'd show you my favourite 6 nail designs from April and do it every month. I am always painting my nails and I figured it would be a good way to show you designs that may not have made it to instagram. Lets get into it. 

floral mix and match by @polishedblissfully

This is a design from the 1st of April. For this i used picture polish merge, sunset, gelato and tail feather. The white is opi alpine snow.

Faux watermarble by @polishedblissfully

This is probably my favourite of the bunch. For this design i did a gradient then stamped using the bundle monster and sloteazzy plate. I loathe watermarble so this plate is a life savor.

spotted stamping design by @polishedblissfully

This one is another cheats way ;) fancy that super chic water spotted nails but can't do it? The petla terra plate is your new best friend. Simply double stamped over a gradient of your choice. I used polishes from the opi new orleans collection for mine.

Faux watermarble by @polishedblissfully 

This is another one i did using the bundle monster and sloteazzy plate. Can you tell i love it? This stunner of a polish is fun lacquer eternal love (H) i got it in a valentines day swap on fb.

camo design by @polishedblissfully

This is a design i did for the #clairestelle8april challenge on instagram. I'm so not a fan of green so I was pleasantly surprised with the results and it became a firm favorite of mine. I used the petla happiness plate for the triangle design to give the camouflage design an edge.

Spring floral design by @polishedblissfully 

Lastly we have a design i did today. Can I just start with how much I freaking adore mac st germain polish? I love everything about it which surprised me because I usually don't like pink. The consistency is amazing also. This one is 100% inspired by my bathroom sign. I know it sounds weird but inspiration could be found in the strangest of places if you just look.

Well that's my favorites of April. What's your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading guys...
Love khylie xx 

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