Friday, 24 June 2016

Nail polish collection and new rack tour..

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Today's post is very exciting for me. By the title you'll already know it's all about my nail polish collection and storage. I'm going to be totally honest and say when it comes to storage, organisation I'm shocking but I'm trying so that's good right? Ok let me show you my dirty little secret, no judging though..

I'll start by showing you where my collection used to live before it exploded.

So around a year and a half ago I bought my first nail polish haul. Some old faithful barrym polishes, oooh did they kick-start an expensive habit. Now rolling on in time this stand houses my favourite opi and china glaze polishes. This rack kind of moves with the seasons colour picks. Next we move onto the dreaded drawers.

This monstrous eyesore was my next solution when my little rack got full. One day I was in asda and saw these little drawers and thought bingo these would be perfec. They were fine until my collection grew some more and the drawers got heavy. They even fell on me once. So my babies were in danger so onto the next solution to my hoarding.

So next i bought an alex 6 drawer on wheels from ikea. Finally my problem was solved right? Nope the bloody drawers kept collapsing under the weight and I couldn't stand my bottles up. So this now houses my makeup in the first 4 drawers and the bottom 2 are where I keep my nail art bits and my paints.

In the first one I keep all my nail art bits like rhinestones, glitter, foils, tape, sponges, decals and so on.

This one is my paint drawer/ junk drawer. I keep all my camera chargers, polish boxes, stamping plate boxes. Anyone else keep all the boxes?
So next after much complaining I had no room my bf bought me some shelves and put them up for me...

This gave me much more drawers space because I was able to store my stamping plates and stampers in order finally.

I bought this mirrored letter holder and some stamping plate holders and they sit perfectly nestled in the corner of my shelves.

This little trinket box holds my stampers and scrapers. On top is an easter bunny basket that has my tape and striping tape in it.

This tray holds all my basecoats, topcoats, white, black and sheer polishes.

This one holds my nail care products and cuticle products.

So I had more drawers space but my expensive polishes were still in the plastic drawers. My fear was that something would break. This is where a facebook group came into play. One day I was browsing through the uk fb group nail and beauty sales and iso buddies when I noticed a diy nail polish stand made by kerry the group admin (links below). It looked amazing just like those hella expensive racks I'd been eyeing on etsy for ages. So I got in touch and once we discussed prices and design, i basically said to kerry I wanted something grey and I left it up to her (I love a good surprise) so everything is her own design. 

I asked for 2 to be made and waited with much excitement for them to arrive. I was so pleased with how they were done. She did a grey glitter backing with grey shelves and a white border. The shelves themselves fit 17 cbl bottles on 1 row. Finally all my most loved indies were safe from breaking. Best of all the time are now pride of place where they should be. I whole heartedly recommend these stunning shelves made by kerry.

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed your tour around my space.
Love khylie xx 

Kerry Bennett-