Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to repair a broken nail that lasts...

Sad right ? 

Hi guys welcome back. Today I'm sharing with you how I repair a broken nail (that I've destroyed in a bid to appease my sweet tooth, damn asda racks). I like many of you look to fellow nail nerds for information I'm unsure of , but what always strikes me is that 90% of the tutorials discuss ways to fix them with professional only products. Even worse is the other 10% use the teabag method ??? Well I'm British and no teabags shall be harmed in my company , it's like blasphemy :0

HOLY SHEET . . look away I'm nkd..

Abracadabra..... see like magic it's healed by the miracle of... well OK it's a long ass process but it's definitely worth the added time spent in surgery because it looks awesome and NO poor teabags were hurt in the process ;) I'll also show you a routine I've been using to help keep my nails and hands in good shape this winter.

So let's see how it happened.

Now let's talk products .

My nail care routine is fairly simple and has stayed the same for a long time. Granted the products change bit the method is the same.

For removing the cuticles I use Cnd cuticle Away. For the price you really get a lot of product, even better it's amazing. As for the tools well let's just say they are epic. The set has an array of pushers, knives and everything you'll need to have lovely cuticles. The set available here is currently on sale. it's a more experienced kit but for the price it's designed great and the tools are sturdy. it comes packed in a sleek case also which is great for storage purposes.

For nail repair it gets a bit more complicated. I'm not bashing other peoples methods I'm simply stating for me I'd rather go a bit extra for a better outcome than settle for something because it's popular.
The resin is just as cheap as nail glue but with a bit more welly. I buy my resin and silk wraps from the edge nails. I've found with this brand it's extremely good but also fairly priced. plus it's ready available to everyone but is professional in its performance if that makes sense? You can buy a full trial size here this has everything you need to repair a nail but if you want to go the extra step keep reading. The gel base and topcoat I use for added durability is a professional only product but gel base and topcoat plus the primer are readily available everywhere. Once you have a brand in mind you won't regret your decision to go that little bit extra. I just find it helps give your nail that little bit more protection and puts a barrier between the break and daily life. I've found it lasts for around 2 weeks before nail growth means a change up. 2 weeks is a long time in nail growth so only 2 changes before it grows out.

I really hope this helps a bit. It's so much easier than it looks but means you can enjoy your nail art and not need to trim everything down.

Thanksfor reading .
Love khylie xx

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