Sunday, 25 December 2016

what i got for christmas 2016

Hi guys, merry Christmas. I hope you all had a great day. I thought while I had a minute spare id show you my haul from Christmas. Before we get into it just a quick disclaimer I know this is a lot but please be aware I'm not bragging, I don't have kids so its just me and my other half. I also have a large family so Christmas is always a huge deal for us since we don't celebrate birthdays or other holidays. so now that's out of the way lets get into it. I will split it into sections to make it easier. I also haven't added links because they are gifts and I think it's a bit rude to look everything up.

Blogging items-

Gifts from my family..

So first up from my mum and stepdad I received a gratis lightbox it's plastic and compact so I can sit it on top of my helmer drawers. It has built in led lights and a hole in the top so I can put my hand in. Also from my mum and stepdad I got a canon 60mm macro lens. I swear I screamed like a kid when I opened this. I've been talking about buying one for ages so this is a huge surprise. I also got a new tripod and remote for my camera. The fact that they listened to me and bought me these means a lot to me.

House items..

Pineapples ;)

From my friend i got the most adorable rose gold pineapple candle and pineapple trinket. Seriously the woman knows me too well these are right up my street. From my bf I got this cute little owl ornament and a canvas print with polish on it. I love little trinkets like these and owls are my favourite. 

Beauty items-

So I must say that I got a fair bit when it comes to beauty items but in my defence they all know how much I enjoy shower items and perfumes. So from my mum i got a soap and glory gift set, this is one item I receive every year and love it so much. Also from my mum and stepdad I got a simple skin set and a no7 sensitive skin set. The perfumes I received are burberry weekend this is my favourite perfume of all time my mum gets me one every year. Beyonce pulse ny from my cousin and her daughter, Jimmy choo from my sister, dkny perfume from my nieces and nephew and finally Michael kors perfume from my aunt. Lastly also from my bf I got the scholl diamond foot pedi, more soap and glory sets and bath sets from my cousin and aunt.

Dvds & sweets...

Inside my stocking I got 3 dvds, the bfg, kick boxer 2 and now you see me 2. Plus lots of sweets because my family still think I'm 5 ;)
Not that I mind christmas isn't christmas without some chocolate and cheesy dvds.

Pamper hamper..

So my aunt really spoiled me. As well as everything already mentioned she also did me this pamper hamper filled with face, bath and shower products. It's got shampoo, deodorant, soap, candles and other goodies. It also had the Michael kors perfume in it. I was so over the moon when I opened this. 

Nail items...

Now onto the magic stuff ;) I don't know if you're aware but my name is khylie and I'm a nail polish addict... My amazing bf made me up a box of nail goodies. He filled it with various polishes by virago Varnish, cirque, no7, polish my life, gel polish, stamping bits and some lime crime lip gloss. My mum also got me a new led nail lamp and protective gloves.


Pics by polishedblissfully

Finally we have the last bits. My bf got me 2 large Yankee candles in fireside treats and vanilla which comes in a gorgeous box with a wick trimmer and one to distinguish the flame. My amazing mum also got me a wax burner and some wax melts.

So I was totally spoiled. My family really thought of me this year and I'm over the moon with everything. I hope you enjoyed my Christmas haul. I wish you all a very merry christmas and happy blessed new year. See you in 2017 x

Love khylie xx

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