Monday, 30 January 2017

Barrym frosted cupcake swatches

Barrym frosted cupcake collection

Hi guys, welcome back. Today I'm sharing with you swatches of the newly released frosted cupcake collection by Barrym. This collection consists of 4 beautiful polishes in shades I think will be great for winter but also coming into spring. The consistency is really milky but they are still opaque in 2 coats. If you wanted to build up more opacity then adding additional coats won't be a problem. I was also surprised to find that they apply really nice but also dry to a smooth finish. Once I added topcoat the silver flakes really came to life in flashes of pink and green. Let's get into the swatches so you can see the beauty. As always I started each swatch with a base of unt peel off basecoat and when mentioned the topcoat topcoat I used is seche vite. I'll also show you topcoat and no topcoat pics. Let's begin.


Barrym frosted cupcake marshmallow. 

Marshmallow is the lightest shade. It's a gorgeous light nude. It's opaque in 2 coats. You can definitely build the colour up but I found 2 coats plenty. The crystal flakes are truly mesmerising.

Marshmallow no topcoat. 

Marshmallow macro. 

Marshmallow with topcoat. 

Strawberries And Cream-

Barrym frosted cupcake strawberries and cream. 

Next is the very beautiful strawberries and cream. It's a very light pink with the same crystal flakes. I only really saw flashes of silver in this one. Again opaque in 2 coats. 

Strawberries And Cream no topcoat. 

Strawberries And Cream with topcoat. 

Strawberries And Cream macro. 

Blue Velvet-

Barrym frosted cupcake blue velvet. 

Next up we have blue velvet. A really light baby blue. This one is my favourite. Simply because the flakes are very noticeable in the various colours. Swatch is 2 coats. 

Blue velvet no topcoat. 

Blue velvet macro. 

Blue velvet with topcoat. 

Earl Grey-

Barrym frosted cupcake Earl Grey. 

Earl Grey is a light grey with the same silver crystal flakes as the rest. Much like the blue velvet the flakes in this polish really stand out. Depending on the light you can see silver, pink and green. 2 coats again. 

Earl Grey no topcoat. 

Earl Grey macro. 

Earl Grey with topcoat. 

There is a deal on in Boots for these, 2 for £6. I was so glad I picked these up for such a good price. The formula is perfect and the colours are right up my street. You'll definitely be seeing more of these. Well that's it. I really hope you enjoyed today's post. Thanks for stopping by. See you in the next one.

Love khylie xx

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