Friday, 6 January 2017

Crumpets nail tarts: | 26GNAI new year, new me.

Hi lovelies, welcome back. Today'spost is the first 26 great nail art ideas challenge of the new year. Can you actually believe we are this far into January already? I'm positive christmas was just yesterday ;) 
Anyway let's talk about this challenge. The theme today was new year new me. I thought this was perfect considering I am officially supporting lil shorties. Yes my finger still hurts but I thought it was getting time to paint. So I went for some classic colour block nails, this is one of my favourite nailart ideas simply because you can do so much different combinations. 

My colour palette for this was black, white, purple and rose gold. I started with a base of picture polish bright white on my middle, ring fingers and thumb. For the pointer and pinky I used picture polish black. Using a detail brush from winstonia store from their berry wine collection, I sectioned off various shapes in the black and purple which is picture polish bonkers. Once those were dry I lined the square shapes with cirque halcyon. Must admit that is onebeautiful polish. I thought it brought everything together.

Once that was dried I then added a generous amount of seche vite fast dry topcoat to finish. For the pointer and pinky fingers i added some lines in the cirque halcyon just for a minimal look.

Products used-

Picture polish-
Bright white,
Available here.

Cirque halcyon. 
Available here.

Winstonia store brush.
Available here.

Thank you so much for reading, see you in the next one. 
Love khylie xx

If anyone of you feels like joining there is still lots of awesome themes through the year. Plus its a great way to try different things and meet other people. It's a sweet bunch of ladies. You'll be welcomed xx

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