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Indigo nails uk haul (hololicious goodies)

Indigo nails uk haul 

What's up friends? Welcome back to my blog. So a little fact, I have put off buying nail related items recently because embarrassingly I have only used a few items from my Christmas haul. Well, that went out the window when I stumbled across the indigo nails Instagram page. so much holo its crazy. what can I say I'm a sucker for sparkles. so let's get into what I picked up.

so first up I got some hand cream, mines is in raspberry love. I really liked the style of the bottles. for the price I feel like the presentation of their products is superb. They come in various sizes starting at 30ml and going to 300ml. The cream is really thick and smells fabulous. I think this cream is going to be great for night time.

I also got one of their jojoba based nail serum. As you may know, jojoba oil is excellent for nails and hands. It is full of vitamin E which helps strengthen the natural nail. It's also very close to the skins natural oils so once absorbed it will help your skin look and feel much better.

Now onto the exciting stuff. I really like the mirror paper/ iridescent foil type nail art. My only fault is it can be a bit of a pain to cut it up small enough. So when I saw these I thought bingo.. job done for me. I got mines in the shade violet sparkles. My camera really doesn't do those sparkles any justice.

So the whole reason I went to the site is because of these beautiful powders. They are called metal manix. This one is pink gold. I just love it. The pots are huge so will last a while.

Next is the very beautiful mermaid powder. I got the original mermaid effect but they do stock various colours so you can get different effects.

The next one I got is another metal manix. This shade is in light gold. It was so hard to pick between them but this one stood out to me simply because it's an all round colour that will go with a lot of shades.

This one I'm most excited about, it's their holo powder. I've been talking myself out of getting into the nail powder craze simply because there are many polishes that do the same thing. I kept thinking do I need another product. Why yes, yes I do ;)

I also got this seriously badass powder. Also from the metal manix range but this time the chameleon collection. This one is blue devil. These have more of a chrome look to them so I think the effect is more different than the ones above.

My all time favourite of the bunch is this little beauty. This one is called alien. Apt right? With its fabulous shift on colours, I definitely think so.

Having got totally carried away with the powders I only got 1 gel polish. I know I'm just as shocked as you. It's even a mini. It's a sweet dark grey that I think the holo above is going to look amaze balls. This little dark horse is called Diabolos.

Now onto why I'd highly recommend this company. Nothing pleases me more than good packaging. Everything is top notch in the quality department. I ordered these Tuesday night, I received tracking details and all other relevant information instantly. By 10 am Thursday morning I got a notification to tell me my order would be delivered within the hour. 10.30am I had a knock on my door with my goodies. All packed perfectly, with added little extras such as a thank you note and the cutest little piece of toffee/fudge. Overall rating for Indigo nails UK is a well deserved 10/10. 

So let's finish with numbers-

Raspberry love handcream- 100ml = £4.50.
Jojoba nail serum- 2.5ml = £6.00.
Metal manix glitters= £2.50 each.
Snowflakes = £2.00.
Metal manix chameleon- £6.00 each. 
Mermaid powder- £2.50
Holo powder- £8.00
Gel mini - £6.00
Applicators - 30p each

All available from here.

UK postage is  £3.

So that's it. Thanks so very much for stopping by. See you in the next one. 

Love khylie xx 

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