Friday, 27 January 2017

#smearforsmear | cervical cancer awareness mani

Cervical cancer awareness mani. 

Hi lovelies, welcome back. Today I'm sharing with you a mani I did for a very important cause. It's also very close to my heart for reasons I'm going to share with you. So to begin my story at 17 I was diagnosed with pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which effects the estrogen and progesterone in turn effecting a ladies fertility. So I thought since I can't have children i didn't have to worry about smear tests, because I was ignorant enough to think it only happens to woman who have given birth i was wrong. In early 2015 my older sister (middle of 3) went for a smear test also known as a pap test. She left that doctors office in a completely content mood. Her life drastically changed when she received a letter saying there were irregularities in her cervix. My sister has since beaten cervical cancer after having a hysterectomy. She's been cancer free since. So when I received my letter for my smear I went right away, scary thing is had my sister not already been through the hell she had I'd never of went. They also found irregularities in my cervix. Crazy right? I went back and forth until I was diagnosed with cin level 2 and 3 on various parts of my cervix. Well honestly I shit myself no lie, I thought I was going to die fear consumed my life for the weeks after. After treatment to remove the bad cells i was given a clean bill of health. Our story doesn't end there. I have 2 sisters and all 3 of us have dealt with this. The oldest sister has recently undergone treatment for pre cancerous cells. Life can be tricky but we were very lucky. Others aren't. People die too much because of this scary illness. Smear tests save lives simple as. Not enough women get checked due to excuses like im scared, i dont need it or maybe aren't aware of the seriousness of this. Girls don't be shy that 5 minutes of embarrassment can save your life.

By polishedblissfully. 

Amazing ladies all over the world have been smearing their lipstick and filling social media with the tag #smearforsmear to raise awareness. We all have a cervix and we mostly all have social media. So why not combine the cause with the people. Let's stop and share our experience because through awareness maybe we can finally kick cancers ass.


This year the very lovely Bethany over at Bnailedtoperfection went through the hell of having to deal with the same. She decided to raise awareness and get the ladies in the nail community to join her to do a nail related awareness mani. I thought it was a brilliant idea and I was more than happy to join.

Starry-eyed for dear Daniel bottle shot. 

For my design i went with all opi polishes.  I started with a base of natural basecoat then applied 2 coats of its in the cloud over that I 2 coats of altar ego. Then using mad for madness sake and my nail artisan detail brush I sketched out the shape of lips and when I was happy with the shape I filled it in. With white and black acrylic paint I then added teeth and a shadow of the mouth. Over the lips I added starry-eyed for dear Daniel which is a gorgeous pink glitter. Then the best part of all I smeared the lips which was actually harder than I thought ;)

Smeared nails by polishedblissfully 

On the ring finger i applied 2 coats of black onyx once dry using my nail artisan clear cut diamond xl stamper, the lina nail supplies make your mark 01 stamping plate and El-corazon pink, I stamped the dripping heart then stamped over that with the same image but El-corazon rasperry wine. As for the pinky and pointer I used some striping tape to get the negative space look and painted the nail with mad for madness sake. Once everything was dry I added a layer of opi topcoat first to stop smudges before applying matte topcoat to complete the look.

I really hope you enjoyed my post i know it's a bit long but I really feel like this cause needs spoken about more. It's never embarrassing to take care of yourself inside and out. If you are effected by cancer of any kind your not alone. There are many amazing people dedicated to helping you thorough this time. If your not effected directly please don't think never me. Cancer has no favorites. Always get checked.
Please remember to donate even a small amount will make a difference.

Products used-

Products mentioned. 

Opi nails
Natural basecoat
It's in the cloud (cream)
Altar ego (iridescent topper)
Black onyx
Mad for madness sake (pink)
Starry-eyed for dear Daniel (pink glitter)
Matte topcoat
All Available here.

Lina nail supplies
make your mark 01 plate.
Clear cut diamond xl stamper.
Fine detail brush
All Available Here.

El-corazon stamping polishes.
stm-04 pink
stf-310 raspberry wine.

I really hope you enjoyed today's post. Be sure to check out Bethany and give her props for her contribution to an amazing cause. Thanks for stopping by. See you next time.

Love khylie xx


  1. Aww hun what a brilliant post and thank you so much for sharing your story, and your sister's stories! I can't begin to imagine how hard it must have been for you all, I felt bad enough when I got my news, let alone all three of you. That's also a scary thing about the statistics, 1 in 4 younger people don't go, so I'm so pleased that you all went. It's way too important to miss.
    I absolutely love your nail art and I'm so pleased you joined in in helping raise awareness xx

  2. Yeah it's mad for sure. Life can be so cruel. I'm so glad people are taking a stand. Thanks for stopping by lovely and for your thoughtful comment xx