Monday, 2 January 2017

Virago Varnish nudity collection swatches & review

Virago Varnish nudity collection. 

Hi guys, happy new year. I really hope you had a fabulous festive season. I literally drank and ate far too much. Was so good to relax and enjoy christmas and new year with zero stress. So to kick off 2017 I thought I'd share with you some swatches of the nudity collection by virago Varnish. This collection consists of 6 nude creme polishes, they are 13.2ml each. They are 5 free meaning they contain no nasties. I got these as a gift for christmas which let's be honest is freaking awesome ;) they came in a set available from nail artisan , they retail for around £55.
So let's get into the swatches. I started every swatch with a base of unt peel off basecoat and when mentioned the topcoat I used was my ride or die seche vite fast dry topcoat. I'll show you up close shots plus live swatches, read on to the end for my review, let's begin. 


Virago Varnish skin.

Skin is a gorgeous light beige, perfect for all skin colours and I think also great all year round polish. Swatch is one coat.
Skin- no topcoat.

Skin- with topcoat.

Skin- macro no topcoat.


Bare is a nude light taupe. Another gorgeous shade that would look stunning on all skin colours. Again another one coater.

Bare- no topcoat. 

Bare- with topcoat. 

Bare- macro no topcoat. 


Virago Varnish exposed.

Exposed is most definitely my favourite of the bunch. It's a sweet light mauve that is gorgeous in just one coat.

Exposed- no topcoat. 

Exposed- with topcoat. 

Exposed- macro no topcoat. 


Virago Varnish omit.

So quick question would you hate me if I said I had more than one favourite? Omit is super pretty, it's the perfect light mustard yellow. It's so easy to apply and again just one coat. 

Omit- no topcoat. 

Omit- with topcoat. 

Omit- macro no topcoat. 


Virago Varnish disrobed. 

Getting into the more darker shades we have disrobed. It's a rather pretty nude brown. It's one coat possibly 2 depending on your application.

Disrobed- no topcoat. 

Disrobed- with topcoat. 

Disrobed- macro no topcoat. 


Last but not least is unclad. This is a nude woody brown. By now it won't surprise you but this little beauty is also a one coat polish. It was a smooth application for this one as well.

Unclad- no topcoat. 

Unclad- with topcoat. 

Unclad- macro no topcoat. 

Skin - Bare- Exposed 

Omit - Disrobed - Unclad 

So here's my thoughts, if you don't already have them you need them in your life. Not only do they apply smoothly but they are completely opaque in one coat. I had to shake them quite a bit to get the pigment to mix but that's not an issue because it just means they are very opaque. Which makes stamping with them a dream. I tried all of them and found they pick up flawlessly. You do have to work a bit quicker but it's definitely worth the added time spent trying your various plates. So if you asked me to mark them out of 10? Honestly hands down I'd say 10, I couldn't find any faults. 

So I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thanks for reading. See you soon. 

Love khylie xx

 For those of you interested here's the live swatch video. Enjoy xx

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