Thursday, 16 February 2017

#26GNAI : blue floral design

Hi lovelies, welcome back. Today I have another crumpets nail tarts challenge for you. The theme today is blue floral. I couldn't be more pleased with a prompt than this one. Since blue is my favourite colour and flowers are my most favourite type of nail art.

I decided to use this prompt to tackle a personal challenge I have set myself. A while back I decided to try more freehand art. Honestly it makes me nervous but I thought I'd go for another shot at one stroke flowers. I recently bought some new acrylic paint and a few new brushes, so I got down to it. Go figure, I was actually pleased with the results and I only had to rub it out and start again twice ;)

So for this look I started with a base of the very stunning pretty serious BSOD. It's a gorgeous blue microglitter in a blue base. I then added a coat of picture polish g'day matte. Hello matte blue glitter...

For the flowers I used white and light blue for the outside petals then dark blue and black for the inside petals and middle of the flower. Then to complete the flowers I outlined the petals with black acrylic paint, then added some yellow dots.

Then to complete the look I added another coat of matte topcoat. I was just pleased they resembled flowers. I really hope you enjoyed today's post. You'll definitely be seeing more freehand stuff. Thanks so much for stopping by. See you next time.

Love khylie xx

Don't forget to stop by the crumpets nail tarts group on fb if you're interested in joining. Also have a look at all the other ladies participating in the challenge. X


  1. These are really pretty. You did an awesome job on that freehand!