Thursday, 16 February 2017

Candy coat pick&mix gel polish | first impression/haul.

Hey lovelies, welcome back. As you may have noticed, I have really caught the gel polish bug. I love it all and want to learn everything. I think in terms of nail art the possibilities are endless. I'm having so much fun practicing different techniques. The brand's are exciting and new to me, so can you imagine how full my baskets are on various sites? Today I have another new brand to me. I've saw lots of stunning designs using candy coat gel polish so I was intrigued. Once I had a look at their site I was hooked.
Candy coat is a subscription service for £16 per month you receive 3 gel polishes and other fun nail goodies. It all comes wrapped in the cutest packaging I've ever seen.

They also offer a pick 'n' mix range which is basically polishes from the subscription service available for individual sale. So it's perfect if you're like me and like to pick your own colours. For this haul I picked up 4. I had 5 including the basecoat but it was sold out so I'll definitely need to add that. These gels retail for £6 for 8ml.

The colours I picked were off white which is a pinky nude, light creme turquoise which speaks for itself really ;) and azure blue which is totally my favourite ever. I also got the no wipe topcoat. Let's have a closer look at the shades.

First up is off white. I only used 1 coat for each swatch but if I was painting my nails I'd apply another definitely.

Next is light creme turquoise. A beautiful light mint green. It's again only 1 coat. For full opacity 2 coats are needed.

Lastly for the gel colours is azure blue. This is simply a beautiful shade. It's so unique. Plus one coat and the nail was covered.

Then you know I had to put the no wipe topcoat to use. So I applied a thin coat to each nail pop then buffed holo powder into them. I love how these turned out. The holo is seriously beautiful and doesn't change the colours of the gel. I'm actually really surprised how much I love them. I can see a rainbow collection in the future.

If you're interested check them out Here.

I really hope you enjoyed today's post. Thanks so much for stopping by. See you next time.

Love khylie xx

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