Thursday, 20 April 2017

Nail-artisan haul | uberchicbeauty giveaway

Nail-Artisan haul 

Hey polish fiends..

  Welcome back to my blog. If I told you polishedblissfully turned one recently you'd probably think I was crazy right? Well it's true. It really feels like yesterday that I spoke to other polish bloggers about actually starting my own blogging journey. As some of you may be aware I suffer from major depression and bipolar type 2. My life can be lonely so blogging and nails are my way of expressing myself and doing something that keeps my mind occupied. I never thought I'd meet so many awesome people. Ladies with such fun personalities and amazing talent. It's you lot that have made this such a great experience. So thank you very much for reading my posts and supporting me in my hobby. Let's now delve into the new goodies.

So today's haul is new goodies by uberchic beauty. I got mines from Nail-Artisan. I must add Alex the owner really makes your shopping experience a blast. She is without a doubt the most lovely woman ever. I love supporting UK small businesses but when your actually treated like a valued customer then it makes it all the more pleasant. Nail-Artisan can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Delivery is rapid and she ships worldwide. So with that said let me tell you what I got. Pictured above is the new stamping plates uberchic beauty has just released. Collection 16, 17, unicorn love which is a single plate and finally the texture-licious 02 plate. I really love uberchic plates, the images are large enough for long nails but still have enough design to make short nails just as pretty.

Most exciting bit is the ubermat has been pimped up big time. They have added seriously cute icons and letters that can be filled with nail polish or glitter to make simple and seriously adorable decals. They also added a ruler so struggling to fit images is a thing of the past. Like the older mat it's stain proof and acetone friendly.

Lastly I also got the glorious tiffany stamper. This is seriously cute, it's got bling, the 2 heads are xl squishy firm. You also get a scraper and a presentation box. I also got a few scrapers. Love them. So that's all for my little haul but stay tuned for something a bit exciting. I explain in the video below.

So as you know I'll be giving away uberchic beauty collection 17 and the new ubermat. These prizes were bought with my own money. I want to give these away to a deserving winner. Read on to find out how you can win.

Giveaway rules..

1- follow this blog and my YouTube channel @polishedblissfully. 

2- (Q) What is your favourite nail polish and why? (A) Leave in the comment section of the video below.  Think of a good answer ;)

3- share on any social media platforms my links are in the description box or on this blog.

4- don't follow to unfollow I use an app to know ;) you will be blocked from future giveaways. 

5- winner will be selected from the likes and shares. Try to interact with me also as I will only give these prizes to a winner who isn't only here for the prize.

6- giveaway will run for 2 weeks. End date is 4/5/17 9pm GMT. winner will be contacted by me via social media. The person has 24 hours to reply or another winner will be chosen. 

7- must be 18 or have parents permission as I will require a valid address. 

So good luck and thanks again x 

Hope you enjoyed today's post. Thanks for stopping by. See you next time. 

Love khylie xx 


  1. Such prettiness x

    My favourite polish ( such a tough question how can I narrow it down to one colour ) I guess I'll go with Barry m teal its a really pretty colour but the reason I cherish my bottle so much is that it was given to me by my eldest sister who was so not a make up person so I don't know why she had it it was one of my first polishes and since she passed I cherish everything of hers I have .

    1. *wipe tears *
      That is so sweet, sorry for your loss

  2. Hmmm my favourite polish, that's a hard one to narrow down! lol I'd have to say my ultimate fave is Superchic Lacquer 40 Winks, my fave colour is Purple and the way the holo shines in the bottle & when it's on the nail is just out of this world, it's also a one coater so that's a massive bonus! Well done on a year of blogging Hun and I love watching your YouTube videos, my hubby ordered the e-file that you reviewed the other day as he knew I wanted one and it was my birthday lol
    Keep up the fab work!! xxx

  3. favorite polish is one I purchased recently. I've been enjoying lots of nail YouTubers from across the pond, and almost all of you praise highly Essence brand polishes. I just received my first order, and almost fell over the moment I put on Beam Me Up! From the Out of Space Stories collection. The formula is fantastic.....almost perfect in 1 coat. The formula is deep and rich, and I could not stop looking at the sparkle on my nails. That's a sure sign you love a polish!

    I enjoy your organization, and your creativity. I will never be a great nail artist, but I do enjoy stamping. It lets me add an interesting dimension to any mani.

    Take care, and keep up with your video production!! Margaret Yoder

  4. Hi Khylie is there a way to follow by email? My head is a shed with the Fibro so the only way I remember to read blog posts are if they come in an email. Thanks hon and happy anniversary. Off to watch the video :0) xx

  5. Oh Khylie, you're mean! How can I narrow it down to one polish?! 😂 Erm... I'll have to pick Courage, Brains, Heart as it's pink, it's holo and it's just me. I'm not getting rid of the rest of them though! 😂😂 x

  6. My favourite has to be liquid sky lacquer twilight peacock as that was my very first Indie polish.