Monday, 9 October 2017

Glitz & Gore: Halloween Sfx Nail Art

You've officially been warned.

Hi there polish fiends,

Welcome back to my blog. Who's excited about October? I sure am! I love Halloween and fall is without a doubt my favourite season. I'm weird so of course the sun and heat causes migraines. So when October rolls around I can enjoy the last little bit of the good weather without needing to stay inside with the fan on.

So since we are almost at Halloween which is just freaking awesome. While alas at my age = 21+ VAT ;) im a bit old now to go trick or treating but i can still buy candy and paint my nails right? So lets talk about why your actually here, by the title you'll already know it's not your average flowers and rainbows today. I really enjoy trying various techniques when it comes to my nail art. This time I tried my hand at sfx makeup. Ok so technically I tried last year but this year I really opted to delve in and see what happens.

Call an ambulance, I've had an accident. 

I watched and read many different tutorials and was shocked to learn you don't actually need to have lots of expensive equipment or props to achieve a pretty awesome result. I bought a few kids Halloween paints, blood and other yuckyness last year and probably cost me £20. I was fortunate to have remembered to keep them so I had everything I needed already.

Help me indeed.

To start the Gore nail I added torn up pieces of cotton wool around my finger using liquid latex, I ended up doing a few layers then let it dry. I then cut and roughed up the wool to give the impression of torn skin. I then used foundation, eyeshadow, paints and contour kit to add definition and shadows to the finger. Using a yellow, green, red, black and white body/face paint to add the bruising and damage. For the tendon i used a rolled up piece of wool then secured withliquid latex. Then to complete I added thick blood and black eyeshadow to add the Gore and soreness to the look.

Glitz & Gore sfx nail art. 

Now for the Glitz and glamour nails I did a gradient using Ella & Mila nude attitude and glisten & glow wedding gown white for a baby boomer style. For the bling I used swarovski crystals from crystal parade, beads and studs from born pretty store. I finished with a glossy topcoat by seche vite.

Design by PolishedBlissfully 

So we've reached the end of today's post. I really hope you like them in a horrible sort of way. I'm very new to sfx makeup and I know it's not totally perfect but I really like the end results. Let me know what you guys think below. Stay tuned for the tutorial for this one and watch out for more Halloween nail art.

See you next time, thanks for reading.

Love khylie xx

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