Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Halloween Nail Art Inspiration Compilation #1

Hi there polish fiends, welcome back to my blog.

   Today I'm sharing with you a bit of a different post. I've done a fair few Halloween designs recently that I wanted to share with you. My dilemma was that would be sooo many posts. So I decided I'd make a compilation blog post showing you the designs and share the products I used. It's a long one so I split in in 2. Grab a drink, get comfy and I hope you like them. Enjoy xx
P.S yes I change nail shape halfway through.

#1- Haunted Graveyard. 

For this design i did a haunted cemetery scene complete with bats, death, cats and pumpkin. I then added a double stamped skeleton

Products used ~
modelsownofficial basecoat. 
chinaglazeofficial white on white. 
cucciocolour 2am in Hollywood. 
fairmaidenpolish flirty & mischievous. 
whatsupnails graveyard vinyls. 
uberchicbeauty Halloween plates 01 & 03.
mundodeunas black, white & reddish stamping polish. 
el_corazon_shop kaleidoscope yellow stamping polish. 
faburnails fun xl stamper. 
rainbow_c_uk clear jelly stamper. 
opinailsuk topcoat. 
sechenails fast dry topcoat.

#2- 3d Gel Scream Mask.

For this design i made a scream mask from 3d gel paste, 3d blood drips using red gel polish and builder gel. For the foil nails I used 2 colours matte topcoat and to finish I added lil gold studs.

Products used ~
megamix base & topcoat. 
ibdbeauty black lava. 
i.n.k_london classic red.
caution.vinyls drip vinyls. 
bornprettynailart studs & foil.
crystalparade1 crystal katana.
Semilac Top Mat. 

#3- Infected Zombie Brains.

For this design I started with a white base then for the pointer, middle and ring fingers I did a radial gradient using polishes from the @viragovarnish 77 collection. For thumb and pinky I did a gradient using various red polishes. I then added various stamping images from uc zombie 02 plate & creative shop stamping plates. I finished with a glossy topcoat.

 Products used ~
superchiclacquer G-Force Burnish basecoat.
glistenandglow1 wedding gown white.
viragovarnish blue vinyl, 12" single &
I 🖤 the dj.
madam_glam endless passion & high standards.
illyrianpolish eleven.
uberchicbeauty zombie 02 plate.
nail_artisan_by_alex clear cut stamper.
faburnails fun xl stamper.
mundodeunas dark grey, white, reddish and light grey.
sechenails fast dry topcoat.

#4- Cheeky Vamp Nails.

For this design I did a fan brush gradient using various blue gel polish i then added @whatsupnails aurora pigment. For the nail art I used the new Halloween stamping plate also from whats up nails B023 to double stamp the bats and haunted house. Then for the ring finger I used these cheeky vamp girl vinyls for a more edgier look. To finish off the design I added a gel topcoat.

Products used ~
victoriavynn hybrid basecoat. 
semilac_uk your angel.
victoriavynn polar dream. 
candy.coat no 126.
edgenails marine blue.
i.n.k_london ocean breeze.
el_corazon_shop roubloff fan brush. 
whatsupnails aurora pigment & stamping plate B023.
modelsownofficial chrome silver.
mundodeunas black stamping polish. 
victoriavynnuk hybrid gel topcoat. 
candy.coat no wipe gel topcoat.

#5- Haunted Carnival. 

I used the psychedelic neon additives by gnarly_nails_inc then outlined it with indigonails arte brilliant in black poison. Then I stamped using 2 plates by bps & uberchic. For the rest of the fingers I started with a base of opi_products passion gel polish then added Halloween glitter mix by #smileys6062 I then added v shaped outline with the same black gel.

Products used ~
semilac 2in1 basecoat. 
opinailsuk passion gel.
i.n.k_london 1-54.
gnarly_nails_inc psychedelic neon additives. 
cndworld gel brush #6.
indigonails arte brilliant in black poison. 
Halloween glitter mix by smileys6062 on eBay.
mundodeunas black stamping polish. 
nail_artisan_by_alex tiffany stamper. 
uberchicbeauty Halloween 03.
bornprettystore BP-L058.

#6- Cotton Candy With a Twist. 

For this look I started with a white base then did a gradient using the colours of the candy corn. Then I opted for a bit of a different take by using stiletto vinyls from whatsupnails and black polish to add a bit extra dimension. 
Then to complete the look I added a coat of fast dry topcoat. 

Products used ~
artisticnaildesign reactive bonder basecoat. 
chinaglazeofficial daisy know my name (yellow).
barrymcosmetics gelly in satsuma (orange).
chinaglazeofficial white on white. 
cucciocolour 2am in Hollywood (black).
whatsupnails stiletto vinyls. 
sechenails fast dry topcoat.

So that's all for this post. I really hope you guys liked this one. As you can see I've gone Halloween crazy but boy do I love it. I sooo wish the UK went as crazy for Halloween as the folks in the good ole USA but alas I shall live vicariously through them. Let me know in the comments below which design is your favourite. 

Look out for part 2...

See you next time. 

Love khylie xx 

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