Thursday, 12 October 2017

Luxe spider web Halloween nail art

Luxe spider web design. 

Hi lovelies, welcome back.

Today I'm sharing with you another super easy design I did for Halloween. So picture your in a rush but still want banging nails for the lit party. Well my friends I bring you radial gradients and stamping. Did I mention bling? No? Well of course it's there too. I really love Halloween but sometimes I want a bit bling without the 5 hours glued to 1 design. Here's the look I came up with.

For this design I started with a white base on all nails. Once dry I applied 3 floss gloss polishes starting with a small circle of gangsta boo then a slightly larger circle around that with smoke on the nail finally I circled mauve wives to the rest of the sponge. I did 3 coats allowing each coat to get touch dry. I sealed the gradient in with a fast dry topcoat. While the topcoat was tacky I added small pieces of gold foil.

Featuring Floss Gloss & Uberchic 

Using uberchicbeauty Halloween plate 03, mundu de unas white stamping polish and my clear jelly stamper I added white webs to all the nails. Then to the thumb and ring finger I stamped a spider from uberchic Halloween 01. Once again I added a layer of fast dry topcoat to seal in my design. Finally To complete the look to the spiders butt I added a red swarovski crystal using my crystal katana and nsi polybond which I got all from crystal parade uk.

Nails by PolishedBlissfully 

All in I think the design took 20 minutes. I find if you prepare all of your supplies and plan a little a design like this is most definitely quick and very doable for everyone of all skill levels.

I really hope you guys like this design. As always if you try it tag me so I can see your awesome creations.

Thank you very much for stopping by. As always you guys are the best.
See you in the next one.

Love khylie xx

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