Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Rocknail Star vinyls review & demo

☆ pr sample.

Hi lovelies, welcome back.

Today I'm sharing with you my review of the Rocknail Star vinyls. These particular stencils are new to me so I was super excited to try them. I have 2 sets to show you Morocco & Profiles. So let's get into it.

Starting with the profiles this set is of course full of silhouette type images from the gorgeous ones I used of the couple and the heart. It also has stickers with smaller profiles of Victorian type silhouettes plus a few more heads with a more modern feel.

For this design I used a few Virgo Varnish polishes. I then added the profile of the couple and the heart which has 2 sizes so perfect for all nail beds. I then added a glossy topcoat.

Next up we have the Morocco set. This one is seriously gorgeous. I love the designs in this. It's half full with the Moroccan full nail stencils and then the bottom half is comprised of smaller Moroccan style symbols.

Again for this design I used polishes by Virago Varnish. I painted all nails in a nude apart from the ring which is a rose gold glitter. I did a gradient using the same nude and a pink on the middle finger then sponged on the same glitter called rose I finished with a glossy topcoat.

So here's the deets guys, to start with these vinyls aren't as sticky as others I've trieď, I really found this a good thing in the sense I had to smooth it out more but it was far easier to remove. Sometimes I find other vinyls are so sticky that it can pull up the polish below with these the stuck perfectly but not so much it was a nightmare to remove. I also really love that you get various designs that can be perfectly matched for a more in-depth mani. All in I'd highly recommend them they are cheap, work really well and have loads of designs.

Products used ~
DESIGN 1- Profiles.
Virago Varnish
12" single, omit & disco diva.

DESIGN 2- Morocco.
Virago Varnish
Skin, Exposed & Rose.

You can buy these stencils and all polishes mentioned from Nail_Artisan. They retail for £1.95 for the minis to £2.90 for the large.

So that's all for this post. I really hope you enjoyed. As always thanks for stopping by. See you next time.

Love khylie xx


  1. Both of these designs are stunning and I'm very interested in these 'less sticky' vinyls. I hate using them for the reason that you never know if they'll mess up my mani. I'll def buy some of these.
    Vicky x

  2. They totally surprised me. For the price you get a lot. Yeah vinyls annoy me because they are like removing cement. Thanks for stopping by hun xx