Thursday, 30 November 2017

Glam Festive Party Nails

Easy Festive Party Nails 

Hi there polish fiends, today I'm sharing with you my very first Winter design of 2017. I'm so excited, winter is most definitely my favourite season. I love the feel of December from seeing the stores change for Christmas, to the lights , sounds and just generally everything related. I even went bed sock shopping and ended up with new pjs, housecoat and slippers. Sounds boring right? But without a doubt my favourite time ever.

Nails by PolishedBlissfully 

So for this look i started by painting the thumb, pointer and pinky with 2 coats of mauve wives by Floss Gloss. I painted the middle with Nails inc Whitehall then added a circular shaped French tip using virago varnish Rosè finally using Rosè as the base for the ring finger.

Rosè, Mauve wives&Whitehall 

For the nail art I pulled out my old favourite acrylic paint. I use Pebeo high viscosity acrylic paint. It can be used both straight from the tube and mixed with water depending on your preference. This is without a doubt the best acrylic paint I've found for nail art. Using the Nail-Artisan detail brush I did a freehand xmas jumper style on the pointer and added some of the rose gold polish for some extra dimension. For the middle finger I added some snow around the French tip and a little snowflake to the top of the nail.

Macro shot x
For the ring finger I again added a snowflake but made it larger and a different shape than the other. I finished by adding some dots for snow. I finished the design by adding a fast dry topcoat for a glossy look. I really love how this one turned out. It made me realise how much I enjoy sitting drawing even if it is on a tiny canvas.

Products used~

This design is super quick and easy. Which means it's perfect for that last minute party mani. It's simple yet has that glam look but with minimal fuss and products. To complete the look here's what you'll need.

 Floss Gloss - Mauve wives.
Nails inc - Whitehall.
Virago Varnish  - Rosè.
Pebeo - acrylic paint in titanium white.
Nail-Artisan  - detailer brush.
Dotting tool.

I really hope you enjoyed today's post. Once again thank you very much for stopping by. See you next time.
Love khylie xx

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Lit Winter Nail Care Routine 2017

Hi lovelies, welcome back to my blog. It seems like ages since I wrote a post and I'm so sorry about that. I promise I'll get back into it full time in the new year but life is really hectic right now.

  Today I'm sharing with you my winter nail care routine. As you may remember I damaged my nails really bad a few months ago so I was doing an intensive care plan to get them back in shape. So since all has healed I'm slowly getting back into my regular routine so I thought I'd show you everything I do to keep winter's dryness at bay. So let me stop waffling and I'll get into why you stopped by.

Not hard right? I've honestly come to realise the importance of having specific routines for the various seasons. That way I'm targeting a problem should they arise with the correct treatment.

I really hope you enjoyed today's post. As always thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear what products and techniques you swear by this cold season?

See you next time.
Love khylie xx