Wednesday, 13 December 2017

(SPOILER ALERT) what's inside the essence advent calendar 2017

Hi lovelies, welcome back to my blog. So the next Christmas post I have to share with you guys is seriously exciting. A few weeks ago me and my friend Natalie did a gift swap on YouTube. If your intrested in a peek at everything else she sent the video is on my YouTube channel. In the parcel was this gorgeous advent calendar by essence. When I saw this I was over the moon, it's been a hot minute since I got a calendar so obviously I did some damage opening it. So I'll show you what I got.

The calendar is huge... but oh so pretty. It's designed like a book with such a pretty Christmas living room with a girly touch. Totally cute right? Inside was a huge array of products. The essence site states you get 24 full sized products ranging from makeup, to nail polish, nail art and more. So enough of my yammering and let's dive into everything. It'll probably be a long one so get comfy and enjoy.

DAY 1~

A 4in1 mini nail buffer. Super cute and perfect for kids or beginner nail enthusiasts. I also noticed at this point each little door has a cute lil quote.

Day 2~

Mini nail polish #03 me + my snowflakes. A really cute polish in a pale pink. Surprisingly applied really well in 2 coats.

DAY 3~

Next was a long lasting lipstick in #16 I am yours. Super chic looking packaging with the essence logo.

DAY 4~

On day 4 I got 3x mini gift bags. Cute idea but I don't really get why they are here since it's a beauty calender.

DAY 5~

So onto day 5 and I got 2 heart shaped makeup/concealer sponges.

DAY 6~

Day 6 was seriously epic imo, inside was the full size crazy volume mascara.

DAY 7~

Next up was another mini nail polish. This time a classic red in #02 Santa Clauses suprise. Again pretty good formula & opaque in 2/3 coats.

DAY 8~

In this door I got a black kajal eye pencil. Which I freaking love btw. Amazing quality for such a cheap price.

DAY 9~

Next I got the cutest sharpener which I already made good use of since 90% of my makeup pencils needed a good shaving.

DAY 10~ 

Next was another weird one it's 10× lil gift tags. They are seriously cute but why 3 bags and 10 tags???

DAY 11~

This was probably one of my favourites. It's a lip balm in adorable packaging. Doesn't smell strong but feels nourishing on the lips.

Day 12~

Up next was some tweezers. These felt decent quality and were designed super cute.

DAY 13~

For day 13 I got a dark brown eyebrow pencil.

DAY 14~

In this door I got a packet of cute nail art stickers.

DAY 15~

Next up is another nail polish. This shade is so pretty. It's called #04 the xmas story.

DAY 16~

Next I got a translucent matte fixing powder. This is also a full size makeup product. 

DAY 17~

This one is a hand cream. With winter now in full swing this is perfect. 

DAY 18~

Behind this door was another seriously stunning polish. This time a cute berry pink.

DAY 19~

In this one I got an invisible lip liner. Reallycool product I can't wait to try.

DAY 20~

Behind this door I got another lip product. This time it's their matte red lippie in #05 red-y or not.

DAY 21~

For day 21 I got 2 cute hair Ties. In rose gold and clear.

DAY 22~

Next was another and the very last nail polish. This on is called #05 hello nice to glitter you. Which is a gold.

DAY 23~

This door had rose gold finger & bracelet tattoos. These are so me and I cannot wait to try them.

DAY 24~

The very last door contained an adorable compact pocket brush and mirror.

So guys, we have finally reached the end of today's post. I'm really pleased with everything I got. Let me know below what you think? As always thanks for stopping by. 

See you next time. 
   Love khylie xx 

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