Monday, 22 January 2018

Middle Eastern Inspired Nail Art: ft What's up Nails

Hi lovelies, hope all is well in your world? Mine's is going well, I'm finally getting my neck looked at by a physio. Fingers crossed they get a plan together to combat the pain. It sure would be appreciated to finally get back into pain free days.
 So onto cherrier things....

Today I'm sharing with you a lil design I did recently. I got the gorgeous what's up nails B001 middle eastern vibes plate in a cheeky haul from nail artisan. So I knew I wanted to go glam but still stick to a traditional mani.

I choose 2 of my favourite images from the plate, the princess/queen image and the hieroglyphs. I must admit I love all things history and back in the day Egyptian history was one that most intrigued me. So this mani was a total blast.

   I started by choosing a polish that sort of reminded me of papyrus. It's celestial going to the beach, a beautiful cream polish with gold flakes and microglitter. It has that antique look to it so it was perfect for this. Using that, i painted the pointer & mindle finger with that. Then for the ring finger i picked black because i wanted the focus to be soley on the bling kinda like Cleopatras hair and head piece. Then i kept the pinky simple by using the light gold chrome pigment by indigo nails.

For the bling I used a burnt gold charm and surrounded it with gold studs.

As for the details I used born pretty store flakes to add an antique look to the nail. I then made a decal which I lined with gold polish and attached the sticker to the middle finger. I did the same with the pointer finger. Colouring in the decal with blues, golds, teal & rose gold. For a 3d look I added gold studs to her ears and a swarovski ab crystal to her head piece.

I must admit I loved the end results. What do you guys think?
If your interested check out the full tutorial on my YouTube channel.

So guys as always thanks for stopping by. I really hope you enjoyed today's post.
See you next time.
Love khylie xx

Friday, 12 January 2018

Quick nail prep for better application of nail polish

Easy Nail Prep Routine.

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Hopefully by now your life has calmed down after the holidays? Boy am I sad to see it go but ever so thankful that it's over, strange how exhausting it can all be right?

Well today's post is all about nail prep. I know, bores me to but I cannot stress how important proper prep is. Especially working with gels, but even regular polish requires a good foundation to get maximum adhesion of your chosen polish.
When I begin prepping my nails I start with completely bare nails and clean hands. I'd also advise you clean your tools before you start. That way the whole workspace, tools and of course you are clean and ready.


As for tools, you can see mines is pretty basic. Nail Prep isn't nail care so while the tools are similar the end is very different. For successful nail prep is all about making sure you've got a flawless base. So I begin by applying a balm to protect my skin from the cuticle remover. This step ensures that your skin doesn't dry out. Then I push back the cuticle with my favourite burbig tool. Again you don't need to go crazy at this step.

Then the next tool I use is a square headed cuticle pusher. This I use to remove any cuticle from the nail plate. This step is essential to stop any lifting. That skin is not easy to see but removing it only requires gentle push upwards towards the cuticle. 

Now I m file with a glass file. I don't need much because I'm growing mines. Once that's done, I wash my hands and use a hand scrub to remove any excess dry skin.
To add some protection to the nail I'll apply a nail strengthener or a good basecoat. The last step is to add moisture back into the skin and nails. For this I've been using the matte cuticle balm and royal oil by baroness x. These 2 products have literally changed my nail game. They work so well and are made to your taste. I picked peppermint and it's honestly a blast doing my nails everytime, they smell epic.

Since I've been healing my nails from onycholysis this is the longest they have been. I truly believe that taking the time to treat them and do the correct steps has been a god send for me. If like me you guys struggle from lifting, chipping after a day, nails that look uneven, then these few steps once a week can give your nails a bit tlc but will also help get the best of whatever you put on top.

I hope you enjoyed a look at my prep routine. As always thanks for stopping by. 

See you next time,
Love khylie xx 

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Uberchic Beauty collection 22 swatches & review

Uberchic Beauty collection 22.

Hi lovelies, welcome back to my blog. First off Happy New year. I hope you had a fabulous time. We hosted a hogmony dinner at my house. Gotta admit once I ate dinner I crashed by 5pm. Cheap date huh? So now that the madness is over I thought it was time to finally get back into it. So starting off the new year I'm sharing with you swatches and my thoughts on the Uberchic stamping plate collection 22. I had this on my list to Santa and and was overjoyed to see it in my stocking. 

As always with uberchic the collections consist of 3 stamping plates jam packed with images for every occasion and to suit every taste. I love that the images are big enough for longer nails but not to overpowering for shorter nails.

Pic courtesy of uc.

The plate size is 9.5cm x 14.5cm with most of the larger images all measuring 17 x 21mm. The collection is full with layering images which really give you the blue print for lots of designs. These plates are available direct from the Uberchic site or from their various stockists. As I'm in the UK I get my uc plates from Nail-Artisan. The collections are very reasonably priced at £20.40 making it £6.80 per plate. Which to me is really awesome considering the plate prices of other brands.

~Plate 22-01~

Pic courtesy of uc. 

Plate 1 is definitely my favourite. Can you see those freaking stunning layering jewels at the top? Yup totally blown away by their cuteness. Plus the possibilities are endless. Again many of the images compliment each other so you can mix & match.

~Plate 22-02~

Pic courtesy of uc. 

As for plate 22-02 again it's got plenty of cute layering images this time focusing on florals and peacock feathers. I also am excited to see more texture type images because they are some of my favourites. 

~Plate 3-03~

Pic courtesy of uc. 

Finally plate number 3. Instead of layering images this time it's all about prints. Lots of gorgeous prints that match but are more than ok to be stand alone patterns. I'm also excited about the large image of the cogs and steampunk style. I can see lots of ways to use just that.

So now onto the swatches. As always I have a video on my YouTube channel showing you how well they preform. Check it out here.

So as you can see they perform amazingly well. Plus the whole variety of images you receive in the collection really gives you your money worth. If you haven't already I'd highly recommend this collection for its vast amount of possibilities.

Well lovely people once again we have reached the end of today's post. As always I really hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.
See you next time.
Love khylie xx