Friday, 2 February 2018

Rose Gold & Midnight Blue Nails using tattoos..

Easy 10 Minute Mani...

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog . Today I have another nail design to share with you. This time it's so easy your kid could ace it with their eyes closed . That's my favourite thing about nail art, finding cool ways to achieve awesome designs everyone can do. So no matter if your just starting out these nails are going to be perfect for you.

Best bit? They require the least amount of products to complete. For my base colour I went with the seriously gorgeous cosmos by picture polish. It's a really dark blue jelly base with tiny microglitter which gives the polish the perfect amount of pizzazz.

  For the nail art I used the tattoos I received in my essence advent calendar. Which was a gift from Natalie in our Christmas gift swap. They were a mix of rose gold and black tattoos with rose gold being the most. I just loved the various images so I opted for a bit of a mix and match.
After cutting out my chosen tattoos I pressed them directly onto the dry base polish. Then holding a wet sponge onto the nail for 10-15 seconds until the tattoo adhered to the nail.
Finally I cleaned up and added a good thick layer of fast dry topcoat to seal in my design.

I really loved how this one turned out. I also took colour inspiration from my really awesome housecoat so this one had a strange inspiration but I think it worked out fab. What do you guys think?
Here's a quick tutorial on these nails . Totally self explanatory but I had fun none the less .

So that's all for this post guys and as always thank you for stopping by. I really hope you enjoyed today's post. Remember if you have any recommendations let me know below.

See you next time .
Love khylie xx

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