Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines day nail art pictorial...

Hi guys, welcome to my blog.

 Wishing you a happy Valentine's day. Also happy weekend. I slept in this morning, 10 am oh how wonderful it was. Then the mother of all party poopers I had to paint the rest of the day. On the upside though my nail space is finally getting pimped, I'm mega excited. If you want to see a tour let me know. Anyway enough of my rambling onto the nails. Lets start with what you will need.

Stamping plates are born pretty store ( available here ) QA67, QA65, BP-71 and QA91. Nail polishes f.u.n lacquer eternal love ( available here ) , barrym coconut ( available here), opi Christmas gone plaid and cinnamon sweet ( available here ), mundo de unas pink and dark grey ( available here). El-corazon black and red stamping polish ( available here ).

Basecoat, topcoat for decals, quick dry topcoat and matte topcoat, stamper, scraper, scissors, sticky tape, clean up brush and tweezers.

Start by applying basecoat to protect your natural nail. Then paint pointer, ring and pinky fingers in barrym coconut and ring finger and thumb with fun eternal love. Apply quick dry topcoat and allow to dry. Begin working on your decals.

From QA67 make 2 writing decals and the lips, from QA67 make 2 single rose decals, from BP-71 make the couple and 2 love heart decals and finally from QA91 make the love decal. Apply topcoat allow to dry.

Gently peel off the decals from the stamper, trim any excess and apply like the picture above. Smooth out gently and apply fast drying topcoat, allow to dry. Apply matte topcoat to all nails except the middle finger.  Now enjoy your awesome mani.

Thanks for reading guys, see you in the next one.

Keep sparkling,
Love khylie xx 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Fashion inspired nail art pictorial...

Hey guys, for today's post I wanted to share with you, this fashion inspired mani. I took my inspiration from this stunning dress from Tony ward couture 2015-2016 winter line. Isn't it gorgeous? For this look i used all colour club polishes ( available here ) in French tip  (best white ever) opaque in 1 coat as recommended by Christine (simply nailogical) glossy seal and under your spell. First I'll show you under your spell..

As you can see its a beautiful navy blue with purple and silver glitter this is 2 coats and topcoat. I just love the consistency, the glitter glides on so your left with a smooth application.

I'm so happy with the results of this one, super easy and simple.

1- apply basecoat, start with a white base on all fingers except ring finger which you paint with 2 coats of under your spell.

2- apply glossy seal and french tip to a makeup sponge and do a gradient tip. Allow to dry.

3- using a striping brush add small lines of your colour choices going from the tip. Don't cover the white at the base. Keep applying until you have a result your happy with.

4- apply topcoat. Decorate your ring finger with a bow.

All done xx

Take a chance and try it, you can do it. I hope you enjoyed today's post.
See you in the next one xx

Keep sparkling
Love khylie xx

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Favourite indie nail polishes (so far)

Hi guys, welcome to my blog.

Today's post is all about my favourite indie polishes. When it comes to indies I must say that they are new to me, I only got my first indie polish at Christmas. Crazy right? I don't know what held me back but I'm so glad I took the plunge and tested the water. Not only are they unique but they are so full of life, whether you're a fan of glitter, holo, creme, jelly, flakes I guarantee you that you will find something to suit your taste. With so many brands to choose from it can be hard to pick one but I'll bet you my last rolo you will have fun trying 😂😉 anyway enough of my rambling onto the pretties 😍 
First up (L-R) cadillacquer wear it like armour, colors by llarowe rosie posie, sexy mother and talk to the hand, polished by kpt penelope, bear pawlish the pigeon, hj manicure subzero and vintage bronze, glam polish storm and finally picture polish badass.

My first indie polish was by hj manicure and I must say that they have become a firm favourite of mine. Creamy, smooth and apply flawless. Since then I have tried a few brands and have yet to find one I didn't like. Then again I love most polish related items ;) let's get onto the swatches.

Swatches on my make shift nail pops 😂 not bad eh?😉 so I hope you enjoyed today's post.

Keep sparkling 
Love khylie xx 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Vintage floral nail art pictorial...

Hi guys, welcome to my blog.

For my very first blog post  i thought i''d share this cute vintage mani. I don't know about you but flowers just make me happy. I find it relaxing to always have a fresh bunch on show and my nails are the perfect place to showcase this.

when i started this mani, i didnt set out with the plan to go vintage but sometimes things we dont plan are just what we need (right?). Anyway lets get down to what we are all here for the nails....
For this look i used a base of light grey by el-corazon shop available here, which if you arent aware is a russian shop online with amazing cosmetics ranging from beauty to all things nails and the prices are awesome. i love a good bargain so this shop is right up my street. For the pointer and pinky fingers i used an indie polish by wingdust (available here, or their etsy shop) called summer storm, this polish is a light grey creme opaque in 2-3 coats with purple and pink glitter in different shapes and sizes. For the roses i used a mixture of rimmel polishes that i purchased from here and only 99p? Yes please... Rimmel polishes are a firm favorite of mine, yet i always forget this because so many polish brands whether indie or mainstream are bringing out unique polishes that i forget i actually love these little bottles of goodness.

my rhinestones are just cheap ones from ebay and the only tools needed for this look is a toothpick. Super simple and perfect for that valentines date you have planned 😉

Thats all for today guys
keep sparkling..
love khylie xx